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The role of Christianity and Islam in fostering citizenship and living together - 2014

A toolkit for Christian and Muslim religious education on inclusive citizenship including theoretical background for religious sermons and lessons for children and youth about 3 public values: Acceptance of the other/Diversity – Justice – Respect of laws and covenants.

This manual was developed in collaboration with the main official religious institutions in Lebanon – Lebanese Islamic Dar el Fatwa, High Shiite Islamic Council, Druze Council, Middle East council of churches – in collaboration with Danmission and with the support of the Danish Arab Partnership program.

  • Arabic
  • Adyan Foundation
  • 2014
  • Price: Free Distribution
  • Order: From Adyan Foundation
The Authors

Father Gabriel HachemProfessor of theology at Holy Ghost university – Kaslik,Member in the International Theological Commission, Mandated by the Greek Melkite Patriarchate /MECC

Sheikh Ousama HaddadGeneral supervisor of religious affairs
Mandated by Dar El-Fatwa in Lebanon

Sheikh Naïm HazerCoordinator at the Youth office of the religious and educational department
Mandated by the Higher Shiite Islamic Council

Pastor Nabil MaamarbashiResponsible of the Christian education
Mandated by the National Evangelical church /MECC

Ms. Violette El Khoury MsannAssistant director at the Oriental Studies Center
Coordinator of religious education at the Antonine school
Mandated by the MECC

Sheikh Fadel SlimPresident of the religious and educational department
Mandated by the Druze National Council

Father Nicolas SmairaDirector of the religious education department in the Greek Orthodox diocese of Beirut
Mandated by the Greek orthodox Patriarchate / MECC

Dr. Nayla TabbaraDirector of the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management
Professor of science of religions and Islamic studies
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