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The Adyan Department of International Relations plays a vital role in forging and fostering global ties with international, regional, and local organizations. Its main goal is to advance citizenship, social cohesion, religious, social responsibility, and human dignity through collaborative partnerships and initiatives. Actively participating in global networks enables the exchange of ideas, experiences, and best practices in the realms of coexistence and diversity management. Through these efforts, the department positions Lebanon as a dynamic hub for discussions on these crucial subjects, contributing to creating and implementing innovative approaches that resonate globally.”

International Partnerships
& Participations


The International Partnerships & Participations function within the Department of International Relations is dedicated to forging strong relationships with organizations across the globe. Through these partnerships, Adyan expands its reach and influence, fostering collaboration and mutual learning. By actively participating in global networks, this function gains valuable insights into diverse perspectives on citizenship, social cohesion, religious social responsibility, and human dignity. Through collective efforts with like-minded organizations, they strive to deepen their understanding and approach to these concepts, creating opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences that contribute to positive social change.


The Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Unit, housed within the Department of International Relations, plays a critical role in ensuring the effectiveness and impact of Adyan’s initiatives. This specialized unit works closely with monitoring and evaluation experts to develop comprehensive frameworks for assessing the outcomes and progress of capacity-building, educational initiatives, and perceptual changes. By continuously improving their monitoring and evaluation practices, they aim to maximize the efficiency and credibility of Adyan’s interventions. Through rigorous evaluation processes, the unit fosters organizational learning, enabling Adyan to adapt and refine its strategies while ensuring that its projects make a sustainable and positive impact on communities.


Nadine Roumieh

Nadine Roumieh

Partnership and Fundraising Manager

Tatiana Hasrouty

Tatiana Hasrouty

Assistant at the Development and International Relations department

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