Youth Political Participation in Elections

about the project

Since 2019, Lebanon has been experiencing a crisis on all levels: economic, security, political, social, etc. This crisis is in particular affecting young Lebanese, destroying their hopes for the future. For many, all they dream of is leaving the country to seek better opportunities abroad. This consequently causes a big decrease in their political engagement, already low before the crisis due to negative connotations around politics in Lebanon such as sectarianism, corruption, clientelism, etc.


Adyan Foundation implemented a study[1] in 2020 that shows the perceptions of youth on these matters. The study was part of Adyan’s “Youth Mock Parliament” (YMP) project, which aims to educate young Lebanese about politics and elections and restore their faith in public affairs, away from the sectarian mentality. The YMP includes mock elections, carried out according to a non-sectarian electoral law developed by experts within the project. In total, 64 young MPs will be elected to represent Lebanese youth and draft agendas to be advocated for with actual candidates for the Lebanese parliamentary elections in May 2022.

Building on the YMP and its expected outcomes, this ‘Youth Political Participation in Elections’ project seeks to empower more youth and encourage them to participate, whether as voters or as candidates, in the 2022 Lebanese parliamentary elections. This will be carried out through voter education trainings and awareness campaigns competitions.

[1] Report on Youth Public Opinion For Non-Sectarian Politics in Lebanon by Adyan Foundation:

January 2022 – April 2022
• 100 young citizens (with a target of 50% women) who will participate in regional workshops on electoral law and voter educator campaigns.


Impact and Outcomes

  • Impact: Increased number of youth are empowered to participate as voters and/or stand as candidates in the 2022 Lebanese parliamentary and municipal elections.
  • Outcome 1: Increased knowledge about the current Lebanese electoral law between young citizens.
  • Outcome 2: Young Lebanese are more aware about their role in participating at the Lebanese parliamentary elections in May 2022.
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