Youth Leaders for Non-Sectarian Politics in Lebanon: The Youth Mock Parliament

about the project

Lebanese politics is negatively affected by sectarianism that causes divisions in society and reduces trust by citizens in democratic rights and negatively affect their engagement for common public interest. Yet, the recent protests in 2019, mainly lead by youth, are strongly challenging the sectarian legitimacy for politics, claiming accountability and social justice for all, as well as demonstrating a strong example of national unity based on common national interest and aspirations.

The Youth Leaders for Non-Sectarian Politics in Lebanon project – known as the ‘Youth Mock Parliament’ (YMP) – is a three-year project, implemented between August 2019 and August 2022, that empowers youth activists to promote and participate in non-sectarian politics, and that encourages public support for an inclusive citizenship-based state in Lebanon. Funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lebanon, the project is implemented by Adyan Foundation’s Rashad Center for Cultural Governance in partnership with local organizations.

Youth Public Opinion For Non-Sectarian Politics in Lebanon
August 2019 – August 2022
Citizens, youth political activists and civil society organizations


Non-sectarian politics in Lebanon is highly promoted by young activists and supported by the public opinion, and strongly affects the agendas of the Parliamentarians (pre and post 2022 elections) for an inclusive citizenship-based state in Lebanon.

contact person

Abdo Saad
Head of Programs