Women, Religion and Human Rights in Lebanon

about the project

In Lebanon, legislative power over family affairs is delegated to religious family courts, with each religious community having its own theological and jurisprudential interpretations. A number of studies and facts have outlined the existing discriminations against women in this legal framework.

The Women, Religions and Human Rights in Lebanon (WRL) project, is implemented by Adyan Foundation in partnership with Danmission, from July 2019 – December 2022, to address discrimination against women in Lebanon’s personal status laws. The WRL project addresses this issue and effects a build up to help advance change by reducing the polarization between CSO’s, legal and political actors, and religious authorities.

Pluralism and Justice, Gender Equality, Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
July 2019 – Dec 2022
Survey Report


To contribute to the enhancement of women’s rights in the Lebanese personal status law by engaging a multi-stakeholder policy dialogue that joins Lebanese civil society leaders with political and religious authorities to produce a white paper with policy recommendations that can be presented to the Lebanese political authorities.

contact person

Adriana Bou Diwan
Head of Community Engagement