Training for educators on religious diversity and citizenship

about the project


This training is aimed for Lebanese Educators and focuses on the fundamental concepts of active citizenship, religious diversity and community service.

When applied to Alwan’s program educators, this training includes also a workshop on how to use Alwan’s handbook and on skills of animation in Alwan’s clubs.


Who Should Attend


Participants Background
Academic background:

Educators from Lebanon

Career Level:

Complementary and secondary sections educators


Training Outcomes
Objective of the Training:

This training aims to empower the educators with skills and knowledge concerning active citizenship in diverse societies.


  • Certificates of attending training on religious diversity and active citizenship.
  • Trained network of educators from different religious backgrounds and diverse Lebanese regions on active and inclusive citizenship and religious diversity.



  • A fundamental change has affected my life and my relation to things around me. Before taking part in the Alwan program, my positions were based on avoiding communication with other religions and avoiding getting to know about them, thinking that this position would protect me and my children from being shaken in our faith. But Alwan represented a turning point in my life, as I discovered that hesitation is not the solution and that objective knowledge is the basis of liberation of fear from the other.

    Angela Faraj – Educator in the Greek Orthodox National School for Girls (Tripoli)


Training Outline


Course Description

Axis 1: Religious diversity

In order to understand the Lebanese religious diversity, workshops are centered on two essential values: the respect of differences and the consideration of diversity as an enrichment, both on the personal and on the socio-political levels. Sessions of this axis convey information about Christianity, Islam, the common values between both religions, about religion and society and about the different ways of living religiosity (i.e the difference between extremism and faith).

Axis 2: Citizenship and Partnership

Active and inclusive citizenship foundations are given through the socio-political understanding of citizenship, of identity and of memory and through fundamental values of public life, among which reconciliation and empathy.

Axis 3: Community service

This axis focuses on the values of commitment and participation for effective and sustainable community service. It builds the capacity of the teachers to instill among the students the sentiment of national responsibility and of volunteering and aims to build the skills of students on community needs assessment, project design and project implementation


Fees And Scholarships




For Alwan’s educators this training is fully covered by the US embassy.



Training dates are based on the demand.

For Alwan’s educators, the training is at the end of September 2015

Educators in private and public schools, complementary and secondary level, from all Lebanese regions.
In the Alwan program, all Alwan’s educators are selected.


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Face to face
Average Age:
4 days(Adaptable to the demand).

contact person

Mayssam Imad
Alwan’s project coordinator