TOT on Resilience and Reconciliation

about the project


This training is based on the need for equipping children and caregivers, affected by war with the needed skills and knowledge to achieve solid change on both individual and social levels allowing them to face and overcome the constantly escalating external threat. For this and till date, the training is targeting Syrian educators and animators, whether living in Lebanon or in Syria, and working with children between the ages of 6 and 15 who witnessed conflict on peace education, resilience, diversity and interfaith values.


Who Should Attend


Participants Background
Academic background:

graduates or equivalent

Career Level:

educators and trainers


Training Outcomes
Objective of the Training:

The training aims to build the capacities of the educators and animators working with Syrian children affected by crisis who have been displaced or have witnessed violence or are still witnessing it, to offer adequate psycho social support so that the children can exteriorize the violence and the hurt they have undergone, and replace anxiety with building blocks for peace, social cohesion, a belief in themselves, a belief in the values of life and a belief in their own country so that they could be its builders.


  • A certificate in Training on Resilience, from Adyan and the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milan- University Centre for International Solidarity and Resilience Research Unit.
  • A network of Syrian and Palestinian coaches, educators and animators in Syria and around Lebanon


Testimonies about or from the indirect beneficiaries, the Syrian children receiving the program of education on Resilience and Reconciliation:


  • “Before the student was drawing a tank, now he draws a flower instead… if this is not the change what else could be considered as a change then?”

    A 17 year old male attending peace education sessions with Adyan local partner approached the animator and telling him “I want to go back to Syria to join ISIS”. He wanted advice on whether or not to go back to Syria as he found it difficult to cope with life in Lebanon. The animator was able to discuss the issue with the young man and convince him not to return to Syria and join armed groups. The young man said:  “Without your guidance and what you tell us I would have joined ISIS just like the other kid” (referring to a child who went back to Syria a year before and started to contact his colleagues to join ISIS).

    Educator –


Training Outline


Course Description


Axis 1: Psychosocial support and Resilience



Theory of Psycho social support and its practice, Theories and techniques for building resilience, source of security, trauma path, discovering and dealing with emotions and needs, acceptance of oneself and openness to others.



Axis 2: Peace Education



conflict resolution, child rights, Empathy, Dealing with violence, non-violent communication and dialogue.



Axis 3: Diversity and interfaith values



Religious and Cultural diversity, Common values between religions, Role of religion in building peace and reconciliation.



Axis 4: Emotional discharge and Animation



Safety of Children, Providing group therapy sessions to release tension and past hurt experiences. In addition to useful methods on animation and management of the sessions.


Notes: This training is accompanied by a Manual on Education for Peace and Resilience 


Fees And Scholarships

Program Cost:
Individual cost

Institutional cost


Sponsors & Scholarships




Training offering: May and August 2015

Deadlines for application submission: May 2015
  • Educators/trainers working with children in educational centers or schools
  • Educators/trainers working with children between 6 and 15 years of age



Face to face
Average Age:
5 days (adaptable on the demand)

contact person

Samah Halwany
Peace Projects coordinator