Religions and Public Affairs in Lebanon

about the project

The Religions and Public Affairs in Lebanon Certificate (RPA) is an ongoing yearly face-to-face academic program of 7 credits in Arabic, aiming to promote the understanding of interreligious issues and religion in the public sphere, specifically in the Lebanese context.


Program Details


Course Description

Course 1: World Religions (3 credits).

This course deals with knowledge of world religions with a special emphasis on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.



Course 2: : Pluralism and Dialogue (2 credits).



This course focuses on the theology of other religions in both Christianity and Islam, on the diversity of interpretation of sacred texts in both religions, and ends with a workshop on the history of interreligious dialogue.



Course 3: Religion, communitarianism and public life in Lebanon (2 credits).



This course tackles religion and the public sphere in Lebanon, covering religion and law, religion and politics, and religion and citizenship, as well as the history of the Lebanese civil war.


  • Today, after having graduated from RPA, I not only appreciate all that I have learned in this program but I live it, experience it, believe it and defend it

    Maysam Imad – Graduate of year 2012-2013



The Advantage


Participants Background
Academic background:
Graduate level, any background

Career Level:

generally professionals in private sectors


Academic Advantage
Academic outcomes:

At the end of the program, the participants acquire:

– sound knowledge about main world religions and a nuanced understanding of religious diversity within each religion

– a positive approach to diversity between and within religions

– analysis skills concerning communitarianism, religion, citizenship and the issues of public life


Career Advancement

Personal and professional outcomes:
This program allows students to know how to manage diversity in their daily life and especially in the work place, as well as to analyze political issues related to religions locally and internationally.

Participants who fulfill the course requirements obtain a Certificate in Religions and Public Affairs in Lebanon.

For those who follow only one course out of 3, fulfilling its requirements, they receive a certificate for that course.


Fees And Scholarships


Fees :


Scholarships :

50% for Adyan’s Staff and community members

30% for groups of more than 4 persons from one institution





The program runs yearly from Mid-September through June

Deadline for applying to the program is the 2nd Tuesday of September

Deadline for application to one of the courses of the program is the start date of the course



Participants should be:


  • 20 years or older
  • Able to understand, speak, read and write in Arabic


To receive a certificate, participants should have:


  • Attended at least 70% of classes
  • Presented a paper/exposé at the end of each of the 3 courses






Face to face
Average Age:
9 months, divided into 3 courses

contact person

Fr. Agapios Kfoury
RPA course coordinator