Media Literacy Against Hate Speech in Lebanon

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Recent events in Lebanon indicate a worrying trend regarding sectarian and discriminatory language in the media and on social media, including hate speech. It is clear that there is a global lack of understanding about the parameters and ‘red lines’ between freedom of religion and belief, freedom of expression, restrictions on fundamental freedoms, hate speech and discriminatory language. However, the October 2019 anti-government protests in Lebanon, and recent research conducted by Adyan, demonstrate that young people in Lebanon have a willingness to overcome sectarian divides and work towards inclusive citizenship and positive social cohesion.

At the same time, research shows that social media use is nearly universal among teens globally. Youth cite many positive aspects of social media, including connecting with others, opportunities for creativity, and being exposed to a more diverse world. However they also acknowledge the challenges and pressures of social media, including online bullying, which can have devastating consequences.

Citizenship and Peacebuilding ,Quality Education, Gender Equality, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
April 2020 – December 2021
Teachers & Students


Sustainable peace in Lebanon is strengthened via narratives of solidarity and human dignity promoted by young people and via the media, and increased  positive discourse on pluralism and coexistence in Lebanon and globally

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Mayssam Imad
Head of Education Unit