Islam, Diversity and Peace Building

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Islam, Diversity and Peace building” is a study program of 12 credits, through two online courses and two face to face seminars extending over 6 months.

It is intended for young leaders who want to build their capacities, acquiring knowledge and skills needed to address extremism, and contribute to enhance social resilience and cohesion within their societies.


The Advantage


Participants Background

Academic background:

Graduate level, in Religious studies, Humanities, or with a minor in Humanities.

Career Level:

young professionals, especially in the domains of Media, Education, Politics or Religion with proven leadership and influential role in society


Academic Advantage

Learning outcomes:



Career Advancement

Personal and professional outcomes:

  • Analyzing the different ways in which religious diversity (inner and outer) has been perceived by muslims
  • Analyzing different interpretations of Islamic religious texts about religious diversity and religion and politics
  • Deconstructing the extremism discourse in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • Analyzing the relation between religion and politics in Western and Arab contexts
  • Acquiring interfaith and intercultural communication and leadership skills


Program Details


Course Description

Course 1: World Religions (3 credits).

This course deals with knowledge of world religions with a special emphasis on Judaism, Christianity and Islam.



Course 2: : Pluralism and Dialogue (2 credits).



This course focuses on the theology of other religions in both Christianity and Islam, on the diversity of interpretation of sacred texts in both religions, and ends with a workshop on the history of interreligious dialogue.



Course 3: Religion, communitarianism and public life in Lebanon (2 credits).



This course tackles religion and the public sphere in Lebanon, covering religion and law, religion and politics, and religion and citizenship, as well as the history of the Lebanese civil war.




Fees And Scholarships



Individual fees, scholarships can be provided



Scholarships can be provided










Applicant’s age must be between 24 and 40 years old

Applicants must hold an MA or equivalent, or a BA plus 2 years of experience in social and religious fields.

Applicants must also have an excellent command of both Arabic and English languages.

Applicants should be committed follow the entire program and have the availability to work a minimum of 6 hours per week during the online courses implementation.


The launching of the course will be announced 3 months before the course starts.


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2 Training Seminars and 2 Online courses
English and Arabic
Average Age:
Face to face
24 to 40

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