about the project



This is the second phase of a research about citizenship values from a faith-based Christian and Muslim approach. The project aims at the promotion of the values of citizenship through an interfaith collaboration highlighting common grounds between religions in what concerns public life values, by giving these values a religious referential to be included in religious (Christian and Muslim) education classes for ages 7-16 and homilies and sermons on the following topics:


  • Human Dignity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Common Good
  • Forgiveness
  • Solidarity


The first phase was of the research was about the following public values :


  • Accepting the Other / Diversity
  • Justice
  • Respect of laws and covenants



The research is conducted through collaboration between Christian and Muslim experts mandated by the four main religious institutions in Lebanon:  The Middle East Council of Churches, the Lebanese Dar el Fatwa, the Higher Islamic Shiite Council and the Druze Community Council.





Father Gabriel Hachem

Mandated by the Greek Melkite Patriarchate / Middle East Council of Churches (MECC)

Sheikh Ousama Haddad

Mandated by Dar El-Fatwa in Lebanon

Sheikh Naïm Hazer

Mandated by the Higher Shiite Islamic Council

Pastor Nabil Maamarbashi

Mandated by the National Evangelical church /MECC

Ms. Violette El Khoury Msann

Mandated by the Maronite Chruch/MECC

Sheikh Fadel Slim

Mandated by the Druze National Council

Father Nicolas Smaira

Mandated by the Greek orthodox Patriarchate / MECC

Dr. Nayla Tabbara

Director of the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management – Adyan



Higher Shiite Council
Druze Council
ME council of churches
Collection of Handbooks
2 years: January 2015 – December 2017