Faith-Based Activism for Public Life Values

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Across the MENA region, Islamic and other religious discourses focus more on private values. Little attention is paid to discussion and promotion of public life values related to citizenship and dealing with diversity. This can reinforce the sectarianism and isolation of religious groups, instead of fostering a mindset of social cohesion and active citizenship. In addition, for many people of faith there is a disconnect between religious narratives, public life values, and global changes and challenges.

Recent declarations by official Islamic institutions, indicate a shift in discourse to incorporate public life values. Moreover, the shared declaration on ‘Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together’ constitutes a strong confirmation of the role of religious actors in fostering social cohesion and peaceful coexistence, through the adoption and implementation of a human rights based interreligious social teaching.

Religious Social Responsibility , Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
January 2021 – December 2021
MENA region
faith-based activists, young religious leaders, educators


ImpactImproved attitudes and behaviours by individuals in the MENA region towards diversity, social cohesion and active and inclusive citizenship, as a result of greater dialogue around and acceptance of the compatibility of public life values and religious teaching and practice. 

Outcome 1: Across the MENA region, 30 young religious educators, leaders at faith-based organisations, religious media professionals and other faith-based activists use their increased skills and knowledge to promote concepts of religious social responsibility and public life values within religious teaching and practice 

Outcome 2: Across the MENA region, increased public awareness of, and engagement with human rights-based religious narratives 

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Ana Maria Daou
Head of Research & Courses' Units