Alwan Junior

about the project

Alwan Junior was launched in January 2019, with the support of Kindermissionswerk. The project involved the successful development of a curriculum on inter-religious understanding for young students in Grade 3-4. During the pilot phase, the project was implemented in five schools, before being scaled up to a total of 19. Over the course of two years, the young students learn about religions around the world, and the value of respecting and valuing diversity. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, when schools in Lebanon closed, the project had to be adapted to be able to implemented online. This involved developing online modules. As an overall goall, generations of young students in Lebanon grow up to embody and promote respect for others, the importance of having an open mind, and resistance to sectarian attitudes, contributing to greater social cohesion. The young people who participate in Alwan Junior Grade 3 and/or 4 are empowered to feel comfortable in their religious beliefs and to discuss these with others; demonstrate a shift in attitude from fear of the ‘other’ to appreciation and respect for different faiths and viewpoints; and are empowered to refuse to stand by when acts of discrimination are taking place around them.
August 2021 - September 2022

contact person

Eliza Karam
Senior Officer
Mayssam Imad
Head of Education Unit