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Iraq is believed to be one of the world’s highly diverse countries in terms of ethnicity, religion and culture. In contrast, like many countries in the MENA region, Iraq suffers from an extensively turbulent political history, dividing the country along sectarian lines. The socio-political divisions have led to a series of armed conflicts, an obstruction of democratic practice, and a breakdown of inclusive public life for the different societal components existing in Iraq. Although some political progress was made with the introduction of a new constitution in 2005, and holding several parliamentary and local government elections with the most recent taking place in 2018, pressure on the social and political fabric of Iraq is still on the rise. Several social groups are excluded from public life, further fragmenting the practice of citizenship in Iraq.

Adyan’s presence in Iraq dates back to 2015, based on its belief in the richness and added value of diversity. Adyan aims to contribute to the country’s exit from its accumulated crises and erode the obstacle of socio-political sectarian divisions in the face of human development. To build on the visibility and credibility that Adyan has built over the years, in 2021 Adyan launched the Adyan Iraq Strategy (AIS).

The strategy aims to consolidate the different networks and connections that Adyan has acquired over the years and create a combined network, with different interest and regional focal points. The strategy will also ensure the long-term sustainability and expansion of Adyan’s work in Iraq.

This first phase of the Adyan Iraq Strategy (July-Dec 2021) will outline Adyan’s role in Iraq, the process of formally establishing Adyan in Iraq, and how Adyan can add capacities to existing organizations and networks. This phase will also build the capacity of Adyan’s team in strategy development, supported by external experts, in order to better incorporate a gender lens, environmental and climate change awareness, and conflict sensitivity throughout the strategy.

June 2021 - December 2021
• Adyan team and partners in Iraq • Stakeholders in Iraq with which Adyan engages/plans to engage
Environmental Analysis Report


Impact and Outcomes

  • Impact: Establishing Adyan’s presence in Iraq, building on the visibility and credibility Adyan has acquired over the years, to ensure long-term sustainability and expansion of the work of Adyan in Iraq.
  • Outcome 1: Increased understanding and capacity of Adyan team to conduct gender, conflict and environmental analysis, with sustainable institutional knowledge in place to allow for ongoing training.
  • Outcome 2: Adyan team and partners in Iraq have a clear roadmap for the best way to develop Adyan’s presence in Iraq, including comprehensive awareness of stakeholders and how to support existing structures, and how to ensure long-term sustainability of Adyan’s work.
  • Outcome 3: Adyan has comprehensive understanding of the educational environment in Iraq and the opportunities and challenges to foster inclusive citizenship via educational programmes.
Adyan Global Goal Goal 1: Inclusive Governance

Goal 2: Citizenship & Peacebuilding

SDG SDG 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

SDG 17: Partnerships for the Goals


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