The Impact Evaluation of Alwan project consists of a partnership between the Development and International Relations Unit at Adyan, the project donor, and an external evaluation organization. The project will run from December 2020 until October 2023. The project consists of an evaluation of Alwan, Adyan’s education program for youth in grades 10 and 11 that has been running in Lebanon since 2007. The project creates young change-makers from diverse faith and geographical backgrounds, who undertake education, awareness, and community service activities.

The evaluation will involve both a backward-looking study and a forward-looking evaluation, to understand the impact Alwan has made on participants and by extension what works and doesn’t work in terms of inter-religious dialogue/social cohesion methods. This knowledge, and the process of gaining this knowledge, will allow Adyan and partners to design more effective projects, including future iterations of Alwan.


Citizenship and Peacebuilding, Quality Education, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Partnerships for the Goals


Adyan staff and key Alwan educators and coaches, Adyan staff and key Alwan educators and coaches, Key stakeholders, including project donor


December 2020 – October 2023




Impact: Adyan and other stakeholders are able to design enhanced projects that make a positive difference to individuals and communities, leading to greater inter-religious social cohesion in Lebanon and other countries.

Outcome 1: Adyan team better analyses and communicates the changes that Alwan has brought about with different stakeholders, and can build upon and maximize these positive effects.

Outcome 2: Adyan team has improved skills and capacity in impact evaluation techniques and related methodologies.



Nadine RoumiehPartnership and Fundraising Manager

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