The Alwan program, which has been promoting education on inclusive and active citizenship in Lebanon since 2007, is currently expanding its implementation to include Iraq and France. The overall objective is to strengthen the civic engagement and intercultural awareness of high school students in the Middle East (Lebanon, Iraq) and in France fostering an appreciation for cultural and religious diversity, as well as promoting peaceful coexistence. Leveraging the experience of each partner, the program will be contextualized and will involve exchanges between students from diverse cultures and countries, aiming to nurture solidarity and celebrate diversity.


Citizenship & Peacebuilding, Quality Education, Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions Partnerships for the Goals


Public & Private Schools, Students, Educators


36 months


Lebanon, Iraq, France


Overall objective: Strengthening civic engagement and intercultural awareness-raising of high-school students in the Middle East (Lebanon, Iraq) and in France to promote citizenship inclusive of cultural and religious diversity, and peaceful coexistence.

Specific Objectives:

Co-building with implementation partners the Alwan program piloted in several institutions in each country.

Improving the management of cultural and religious diversity in all institutions taking part in the Alwan program.

Supporting the youth of the Alwan program in their civic engagement so that they become real actors of positive change in cultural and religious diversity.



Mayssam ImadHead of Education Unit

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