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Naseej, Media and Diversity in the Levant - October 2017

You can check the report on the links below in both French and Arabic:

Naseej Media Monitoring Report - FrNaseej Media Monitoring Report - Ar

Adyan Foundation presents this report on the media coverage of cultural and religious diversity in Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria, in partnership with the Samir Kassir Foundation, Skeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom, and the French media development agency (CFI).

The Institute for Citizenship and Diversity Management and the Media department at Adyan, participated in the preparation of this report, which tried to read the media scene in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq during a two-week period in March 2017. Lebanese, Syrian, and Iraqi journalists analyzed the information material monitored by the Samir Kassir Foundation.

The Naseej project monitors what has been published and disseminated in the Lebanese, Syrian, and Iraqi media. The purpose of this report is to study the role of the media in these countries in adopting a positive approach to diversity. It also aims to propose practical and systematic recommendations to the media in each of these countries to cover all kinds of cultural, ethnic, religious and intellectual diversity to communicate the voice of marginalized groups and to show multiple perspectives on problematic issues. The purpose of these recommendations is to raise societal discourse from a hateful speech to a rational one that takes into account the views of different groups and considers that diversity is not a threat to national identity but an opportunity for the future.

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