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Adyan Community Day 2018

Same as every year, Adyan Foundation has organized the annual Community Day, which includes the youth, Ambassadors and Volunteers Networks. Around 200 participants came from Tripoli, Nabatiyeh, Saida, Tire, Bashamoun, Baalbek, Jbeil and Beirut, as well as young men and women from Syria, Yemen, Palestine, France and Belgium. The participants started the day by learning […]

Rashad Center trains 36 trainers on non-sectarian electoral performance

Rashad Center for Cultural Governance at Adyan Foundation and within the «Different Voters for One Nation ” project conducted a training for trainers on “Electoral Performance based on Inclusive Citizenship and Public Interest”, in collaboration with the Training Unit at the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management, on April 20-22 at the Cosmopolitan Hotel Beirut […]

Taadudiya and the role of Gender in CVE

In its first year, Taadudiya website has provided a wide space for stories of women’s initiatives facing violent extremism.  Therefore, the Media Manager at Adyan Foundation was inviting to speak about this experience at the “CVE & Combating Incitement: The Role of Gender” workshop organized by UN Women and Hedayah in Abu-Dhabi. She has talked […]

Delivering Training sessions for local and international trainees

In one week, the training Unit at the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management at Adyan has delivered various training sessions for local and international trainees. From Deir Al-Ahmar to Beirut, Adyan President, Father Fadi Daou and the Director of the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management have discussed the challenges and opportunities for Muslim-Christian […]

Graduation of new Trainers on Inclusive Citizenship

The Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management at Adyan Foundation has organized a training for trainers in the Levant and Gulf on Inclusive Citizenship. This training is the fifth of its kind in the Arab world and the first in 2018 for 22 trainers from 6 countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Lebanon, at […]

Report on the “Role of Sectarianism in Lebanese Youth Voting”

“Rashad” Center for Cultural Governance at Adyan Foundation have launched a report on the “Role of Sectarianism in Lebanese Youth Voting” under “Different Voters for One Nation” project. Following the publication of this report, an action plan will be implemented by Adyan Foundation within the framework of this project, which will include the training of a […]

Adyan at the Pre-Synodal Meeting for youth in Rome

The Media Manager at Adyan Foundation, Dalia Al-Mokdad has participated to the Pre-Synodal Meeting that took place in Rome from 19 to 24 March 2018. The purpose of the meeting was to provide the opportunity for young people to produce a document, which expresses their view on the state of things, their ideas, their feelings […]

UNIFIL and Adyan organize a spiritual gathering on Annunciation day

On the occasion of the Christian-Islamic National Day of Annunciation, the Western Sector of UNIFIL, in cooperation with Adyan Foundation, have organized a spiritual meeting on Saturday, 24 March, in the South of Lebanon. The meeting was attended by the Chairperson of Imam Sadr Foundation, Sayyida Rabab Sadr and the General Secretary of the Middle-East […]

Adyan in "Together for Peace" in Canada

In the framework of Development and Peace – Caritas Canada’s 2018 Share Lent campaign “Together for Peace” and in order to make the realities of the countries of the Global South better known as well as the strength of the social movements that DP support, Adyan was invited to take part of this campaign to […]

طلاب اللاهوت في "مونستر" يحضرون ندوة عن الرحابة الالهية في لبنان

بعد نشر النسخة الألمانية من كتاب الرحابة الإلهية، الذي ألّفه كل من الأب فادي ضو والدكتورة نايلا طبارة، عمدت كلية اللاهوت في جامعة “مونستر” لفتح دورة للطلاب عن الرحابة الالهية في خريف 2017. بعد أن درس الطلاب هذا الكتاب وحللّوه وكتبوا عنه طوال الفصل الدراسي، قاموا بزيارة لبنان وحضروا ندوة لمدة يومين في 20 و […]

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