MCON – Our diversity enriches us, that’s the beauty in us


In the Frame work of “Many Communities, One Nationality” program that was implemented in different Lebanese regions: South, Bekaa, North, Mount Lebanon, Beirut, and after the drafting of the Youth National Covenant, Adyan Organized a national awareness campaign with the slogan: “Our diversity enriches us, that’s the beauty in us”.

The campaign was implemented through a TV spot that was broadcasted by 8 TV channels and widely disseminated on Social Media pages, as well as a billboard campaign throughout Lebanon.

Lebanese community
45 seconds



The national campaign aims to highlight that diversity can represent enrichment to the unifying national identity, and to transform the youth into champions of plural inclusive citizenship in Lebanon.


Antonine University
Haigazian University
Al Jinan University
Shou’oun Janoubiya
Lebanese International University