About Media Department

With the capacity to reach billions of people, media is an influential tool to either enlighten or obscure the public opinion. While many have made the second choice, Adyan has taken it upon itself to carry a part of the responsibility in countering the spread of obscurantism, extremism, hate speech and incitement to violence.

The Adyan Media department aims to engage the public opinion in an open reflection process, in order to collaborate with the people and with local and international partner organizations on strengthening the societies, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.

Therefore, it is actively contributing to the development of reliable digital resources, creating content, sharing life stories, fostering dialogue and stimulating critical thinking. This is how we “Inspire Minds for a Peaceful Living Together”.



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Taadudiya (meaning Pluralism in Arabic) is an online platform aiming to promote pluralism in the Middle East and raise awareness on diversity as a richness.

The use of the Internet for disseminating extremist messages is increasing. Advocates of hate and violence are using the Internet and social media to reach more and more people, propagating religiously legitimized violence at an unprecedented speed. These new trends reinforce the need for developing responsible digital content.


Contact Person

Iman Khoury
Communication Manager
Roger Asfar
Editor in Chief and Researcher
Nour Ghoussaini
Digital Media Coordinator