Inclusive Citizenship in Lebanon


This  handbook is for Lebanese trainers working in the field of citizenship, peace-building and interreligious and intercultural relations. The handbook provides the methodology, the conceptual foundations and the activities to be used by trainers in Lebanon on inclusive  citizenship. It allows spreading common national principles and active citizenship values inclusive of religious and cultural diversity.

This handbook was published in collaboration with the Catholic Relief Services and Development and Peace.

Adyan Foundation



Catholic Relief Services
Development and Peace

The Authors

Prof. Fadi Daou

Chairperson and CEO of Adyan foundation

Professor of Interreligious dialogue and Geopolitics of religion

Dr. Nayla Tabbara

Director of the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management

Professor of science of religions and Islamic studies

Dr. Tony Sawma

University Lecturer in Psychology and Leadership

Trainer in communication, stress management, ergonomics, interfaith relations and diversity management.

Dr. Ali Khalife

Associate Professor of Education, Lebanese University

Executive director of the teachers’ education training college, which is affiliated to the French cultural mission in Lebanon.

Dr. Chady Rahme

Assistant Professor of Humanities at Notre Dame University.

Relational needs’ coach and trainer in Conflict resolution, Team building, Pedagogy, Active citizenship and Communication.

Ms. Hoda Barakat

Coordinator of Education on Coexistence program at Adyan (2011-2014)

Ms. Samah Halawany

Expert in Community Development and Emergency Response.

Trainer in conflict analysis, Citizenship and communitarianism.


The handbook can be ordered from Adyan foundation.