Education on active and inclusive citizenship



Alwan’s module for education on active and inclusive citizenship is the reference book for the animators of Alwan clubs (educators). It is divided into 2 parts the conceptual background and the practical exercises to be implemented over a 2 years period. The first year covers the concepts of religious diversity and partnership with their appropriate exercises. The second year covers the community service concept and project implementation guidelines.


The Authors

Fadi Daou

Professor of Christian theology, interreligious dialogue and Geopolitics of religion.

Nayla Tabbara

Professor of science of religions and Islamic studies.

Karam Abi Yazbek

Lecturer of Social work at the human sciences faculty-St Joseph university

Chady Rahme

Assistant Professor of humanities at Notre Dame University. Relational needs’ coach and trainer.

Mayssam Imad

Geographer, researcher on sustainable development, Alwan’s project’s coordinator


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Mayssam Imad – Alwan’s project coordinator

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