Role of Sectarianism in Lebanese Youth Voting (Post-election study)

The full study in both Arabic and English can be found here:

DVON – Post Elections Report (English)



Under “Different Voters for One Nation” project, Rashad Center for cultural Governance at Adyan Foundation took the initiative to launch this report (Post Elections Study), which tackles the issue of the impact of sectarianism on the electoral option of young people in Lebanon, through an opinion poll conducted by the Foundation on a group of young Lebanese men and women participating for the first time in the Lebanese Parliamentary elections of 2018.

The purpose of this report is to shed light on the impact of sectarianism on the electoral choices of youth in Lebanon and to reflect their views and their approach to this issue on their various religious, intellectual and regional affiliations. The foundation aims through this report to share its results with Civil society organizations, media and religious institutions and political parties involved in the elections, hoping to include the results of the report in their future work plans in order to activate and strengthen the role of young people in the electoral process and to transform their electoral performance from sectarian to a performance based on citizenship and public welfare.

Field Study
Rashad Center/Adyan