Report on the Situation of Christian Minorities in Iraq

The full report in both Arabic and English can be found here:

Adyan Report on the Situation of Christians in Iraq (2020-EN)

Adyan Report on the Situation of Christians in Iraq (2020-AR)


The Context

In 2003, Iraq moved steadily from a one-party rule and one-man dictatorship, toward a country with a Constitution that clearly adopted democracy, pluralism and the rule of law. However, these principles that were positively reflected by the Constitution were not fully echoed in reality, with the prevailing instability, deteriorating economic situation and multiple military conflicts, including the one with ISIS. Iraq has also been witnessing for the past two months a unique popular movement to protest against politicians, parties, the way the country has been ruled since its transition to democracy, and foreign interference. This instability threw a heavy load on all Iraqis, affecting their standard of living, which led to the migration of many Iraqis while those who stayed in the country had to seek protection and safety from parastatal bodies and entities other than the legitimate security forces that failed to provide justice, equality, protection and the rule of law to Iraqi citizens.

All the above had a multiplied effect on Iraqi minorities in particular, including Christians, since they constitute the weakest link that did not manage to get their share of quotas and power-sharing among the stronger players, while the protection and preservation of these minorities have never been a priority for any government since 2003. Hence, minorities have suffered from: a massive migration that has become an existential danger; a lack of policies and laws protecting them and preserving their diversity; in addition to difficult economic conditions; the absence of a basic social safety net; and a persistent security risk directly or indirectly targeting them, all of which making these minorities pay a heavy price in terms of their living conditions, capabilities, livelihoods, and even lives.

Research Methodology

This study aims to depict a clear picture of the situation of Christians in Iraq today, their view of themselves and their situation, and their vision and future outlook. The study was based on a multi-faceted methodology with the aim of including precise conclusions and the most comprehensive picture of the reality, in order to extract the priorities and appropriate practical suggestions based on an accurate reading of this reality.