Religious Freedom Report


This report, entitled Report on religious Freedom in civil-religious Dialogue is part of a project that aims at contributing to the deepening of religious reflection and discourse about religious freedom, to fostering mutual understanding and emulation in view of building a shared narrative around the issue of religious freedom and its correlated topics between religious and secular thought.


Abstract & Findings


The project took for starting point the valuing of the already existing Islamic and Christian religious initiatives in this regard, especially reference texts about religious freedom issued in the past decades by religious authorities, namely the Beirut Declaration on Religious Freedom issued by the Makassed Philanthropic Islamic Association, the Declaration on Freedoms published by Al-Azhar and the Declaration on Religious Freedom issued by the Catholic Church in the second Vatican Council. The project was also founded on a methodology of dialogue between academics and experts in philosophy, politics, law and social sciences on the one hand and Islamic and Christian religious scholars on the other hand, placing civil and religious reflection next to each other instead of vis-à-vis each other in confrontation, with the aim that this proximity and in depth dialogue would redefine and identify problematics to be taken into account regarding religious freedom in both the academic and religious discourse.

The Authors

Ziad Sayegh

Expert in Public Policies

Fadi Daou

Chairperson and CEO of Adyan; Professor of Interreligious dialogue and Geopolitics of religion


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