Ave Maria


Randa Abi Aad (Editor): Ave Maria, Christian and Muslim Reflections on the Virgin Mary (Arabic). Lebanon, Saint Paul Publications/Adyan, 2015.

رندى أبي عاد (إشراف): السلام عليك. تفكّر مسيحي إسلامي في السيدة مريم العذراء. لبنان، المكتبة البولسية/أديان، 2015

This book, in Arabic language, is a collective work that gathers reflections on Mary from Muslim and Christian feminine voices. It is presented as a series of academic articles that join serious reflection with a spiritual dimension, and offers a multiple understanding founded on the Scripture, Bible and Qur’an, on symbolism and on the mystical and anthropological approach to the figure of Mary.

St Paul Editions/Adyan

Abstract & Findings


The originality of this collective work is that it is the expression of a lebanese feminine literature in which is translated a dialogue of the arab woman, christian and muslam, with the scriptural and historical figure of Mary. For it is in their double academic and human quality that each author offers here her personal view of Mary.

The Authors

Randa Abi Aad (Editor)

Professor of Philosophy at The Holy Spirit university of Kaslik, researcher in philosophical anthropology and mysticism

Rabab Al Sadr

Director of Al Sadr Foundations

Rose Abi Aad

Sister of the Saint Therese order, professor of Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and Saint Joseph University

Luna Farhat

Professor at the Institute of Christian Muslim Studies at Saint Joseph University

Najwa Tohme Bassil

Researcher in Theology, Philosophy and Mysticism

Husn Abboud

Professor at Haigazian University, author in Qur’anic Studies, Islamic Studies and Gender Studies.

Suad al Hakim

Professor of Philosophy and Mysticism at Saint Joseph University, Director of Dandara Research Association.

Nayla Tabbara

Professor of science of religions and Islamic studies.

Director of the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management.

Clemence Helou

Sister in the Antonine order. Professor of philosophy and theology.


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