Imam and the pastor


The film is the Arabic version of the internationally-acclaimed story of Imam Muhammad Ashafa and Pastor James Wuye, today religious leaders who were also leaders of opposing militias that pitted Christians against Muslims in the Kaduna region in Nigeria.

Imam Ashafa lost close family members in the fighting and Pastor Wuye lost his hand. Now they work together to promote peace and reconciliation in local communities across Nigeria through the Interfaith Mediation Center they co-founded.

39 minute

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FLT-films foundation
FLT-films foundation


  • “I urge the Lebanese media to follow the example of the film makers and produce positive stories about reconciliation… Covering reconciliation is much harder than covering clashes”.

    Tariq Mitri -

10 USD
This film can be purchased at Adyan office (Badaro) Tel: 01 393211 Or via  Neel Wa Furat website