From War to Reconciliation


It is a 14 minutes documentary film in Arabic on Lebanese witnesses to repentance, forgiveness and peace after having been leading militia men during the civil war.

The film consists of interviews with 2 former militia leaders during the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990).

These two men present a crucial message, especially for the Lebanese youth, because in the post-war period, they re-read their experience and started doing everything possible to make up for it through personal repentance and a public testimony.

14 minute

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Adyan Production


  • Forgiveness has four requirements: apology, repenting, a new way or becoming a new human and need those to whom you are apologizing to listen

    Assaad Shaftari -

10 USD
This film can be purchased at Adyan office (Badaro) Tel: 01 393211 Or via  Neel Wa Furat website