Against the Current


Against the Current is a 40 minute documentary film focuses on the power of faith facing discrimination, intolerance and extremism.

It features renowned and respected religious figures, and sheds light on the effective and positive role that each one of them has played in establishing and defending an authentic solidarity with other seemingly opposing groups. Among these personalities: Prince Abdul Kader Al Jazairi, Bishop Salim Ghazal, Imam Moussa Al Sadr and Rev. Fr. Makram Kozah.

French, English, Italian and Kurdish
40 minute

Movie Details

Michele Tyan


  • If walking against the current is like that, then this would be the first time you would hear a minister of interior calling for walking against the current

    Mr. Ziad Baroud - Former Lebanese Minister of Interior and Municipalities

10 USD
This film can be purchased at Adyan office (Badaro) Tel: 01 393211 Or via  Neel Wa Furat website