Training on Interfaith Dialogue


This training is offered to institutions, civil society organizations, private companies, schools, universities and communities and aims at building the capacity of participants to positively deal with diversity in the workplace, the classroom or the community in general.

Face to face
Lebanon, International
Arabic, English or French
different in each case
variable from 1 day to 3 days

Who Should Attend

Participants Background
Academic background:


Career Level:


Objective of the Training:

This training is not a training of trainers but aims at allowing its participants to reflect on diversity, and to gain skills on diversity management, on facing the challenges of diversity and highlighting its added value.


Certificate of participation


Training Outline

Adyan selects with the institution demanding the training the topics to focus on from the following Axis:

axis 1: Identity
Personal Identity, individuality and group belonging, national identity.
Axis 2: Perception of the other
This axis includes the recognition of Stereotypes and Generalizations, and an overview on the perception of the other religion by Christianity and Islam.
Axis 3: Challenges and Added value of Diversity
Workshop centered on the institution and on its environment
Axis 4: Interreligious and Intercultural communication
The fundamental skills for interreligious communication; the basic values for intercultural and interreligious relations.


Training offering: on demand
Deadlines for application submission: open