Citizenship and coexistence in Lebanon


The TOT on citizenship and coexistence in Lebanon is a training course that aims at building the capacity of Lebanese trainers on the concept of citizenship inclusive of religious and cultural diversity so that they can in turn train on this concept, its values and its challenges in their regions and communities

Face to face
All Lebanon
5 days

Who Should Attend

Participants Background
Academic background:

Graduate level or equivalent

Career Level:

Young professionals, trainers

Training Outcomes

At the end of the training, the trainee is capable of:

  • Explaining the dynamics of individual identity and respecting diversity between individuals
  • Adopting diversity as an added value and an enrichment on the personal and social level
  • Conveying a belief in a national identity inclusive of diverse belongings
  • Explaining the basic principles of citizenship
  • Implementing a training on citizenship inclusive of diversity


  • A Certificate of Trainer on Citizenship inclusive of diversity
  • A network of certified trainers on Citizenship inclusive of diversity throughout Lebanon

  • “It was a very fruitful participation and a significant change in my life. I considered myself someone who respects diversity however I realized that the concepts and values I had are totally different from what we took in the TOT. I always heard about citizenship but it is the first time I hear about “citizenship inclusive of diversity”

    كانت عنجد مشاركة ونقلة نوعية بحياتي. جيت بعتبر حالي كتير منفتحة وبحترم التنوع والتعدد بس لاحظنا انو من خلال التدريب انو القيم والمبادئ لعنا ياها مختلفة عن لشفتو هلقز كنت اسمع دايماً بس مواطنة ولا مرة سمعت مواطنة حاضنة للتنوع الثقافي

    Rola Mousa -

Training Outline

Axis 1: Identity and belonging
This axis focuses on the dynamics of personal identity and belonging and on National Identity
Axis 2: Lebanese constitution and diversity
this axis focuses on the Lebanese Model, through a study of its Constitution and its vision of diversity
Axis 3: Citizenship models
the different models of citizenship and the inclusive citizenship model
Axis 4: Citizenship inclusive of diversity
the values and challenges of citizenship inclusive of religious and cultural diversity
Axis 5: Training methodology
trainer’s skills, training methodology and implementation of the module’s exercises

Notes: This training is based on a training module found on

Fees and Scholarships

Program Cost

Individual cost: Studied per case

Institutional cost: Studied per case

Sponsors & Scholarships

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Training offering: offered upon demand

Adriana Bou Diwan (Ms.) , Training Program Coordinator

  • Interested in topics of citizenship, identity, belonging, diversity and social cohesion
  • Lebanese
  • Experience in training and conducting awareness sessions
  • Speaks Arabic

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