To implement its academic and training programs, the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity management collaborates on a regular basis with professors, lecturers and trainers working in universities and institutions in Lebanon and abroad. They lend their time and expertise to the Institute’s programs whether face to face or online courses, or the trainings and student seminars, creating a synergy between different disciplines and an enriching cross-cultural dynamic to the Institute’s academic programs.



Dr. Nayla Tabbara (Lebanon)

Director of theInstitute of Citizenship and Diversity management

Professor of science of religions and Islamic studies

Research interests: World religions, Multifaith Education, Quranic Interpretation, Renewal of Islamic Thought, Sufism

Prof. Fadi Daou (Lebanon)

Chairperson and CEO of Adyan foundation

Professor of Interreligious dialogue and Geopolitics of religion and Consultant on Middle-Eastern issues and Christian-Muslim relations, and author of a number of books and articles in Theology and Political Philosophy.

Prof. Wajih Kanso (Lebanon)

Professor of Philosophy and Hermeneutics

Author of a number of books and articles in Islamic Theology, Philosophy, Hermeneutics, Islamic Schools of Thought, Arab Contemporary and Modern Thought and politics.

Dr. Ziad Fahed (Lebanon)

Professor of Theology and Religions, and Dean of Students Affairs at Notre Dame University-Louaize. Founder of Dialogue for life and reconciliation CSO. He has publications in Dialogue, Reconciliation and coexistence and has received the Award of “Outstanding Leader in Interreligious Dialogue” from the Dialogue Institute at Temple University in Philadelphia (2014).

Prof. Michael Driessen (US-Italy)

Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at John Cabot University-Rome. Author in Religion and Politics.

Research interests:  Religion and Politics, Democracy Studies, Catholic and Islamic Political Movements, , Inter-religious Dialogue, Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies.

Prof. Amer Al-Hafi (Jordan)

Professor of Islamic theology, Aal al Bayt University

Academic Advisor of the Royal Institute for interfaith studies

Dr. Niels Valdemar Vinding (Denmark)

Assistant Professor in Islamic Studies, Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen



Dr. Toni Sawma (Lebanon)
University Lecturer in Psychology and Leadership Psychotherapist, Work Psychologist and Clinical Psychologist

Trainer in communication, stress management, ergonomics, interfaith relations and diversity management.

Tanya Ghorra
Ms. Tania Awad Ghorra (Lebanon)
Trainer in non-violent communication, Journalist and TV presenter

She has an MA in Jounalism and MA in Non-Violent communication and Education

Ms. Samah Halwany (Lebanon)
She has an MA in Sociology of Conflicts and Human Security (Catholic Institute of Paris), and is an expert in Community Development and Emergency Response.

She is a trainer in conflict analysis, Citizenship and communitarianism. She is also the Peace Projects Manager at Adyan Foundation where she is one of the co-founders.

Mr. Karam Abi Yazbek (Lebanon)
Lecturer of Social work at the human sciences faculty-St Joseph university.

He is a trainer in Team building, Communication,  Project management, Organizational Skills and Community service


Dr. Rania Mansour (Lebanon)
Professor of Social work and development.

Director of the Department of Social Work at MUBS.

Consultant on Strategy and Evaluation.

She is a trainer in Stress Management, Diversity Management, conflict resolution and psycho-social support.


Prof. Joseph Maalouf (Lebanon)

Professor of Philosophy of Ethics and Philosophy of History at the Lebanese University.

Ziad El Sayegh (Lebanon)

Expert in Public Policies. Advisor on issues of Religious Freedom and Citizenship, Palestinian and Syrian Refugees, and Labor and Social Protection.


Dr. Wadiaa Khoury (Lebanon)

Lecturer at the faculties of Educational Sciences in several Lebanese Universities

Researcher and expert composer in educational policy, curriculum, educational legislation and civics education.