The Institute of Citizenship & Diversity Management


The Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management is the academic branch of Adyan Foundation. The Institute focuses on the development of thought and skills, and works through Courses, Training, Research and Conferences. The Institute also offers Consultancy and invests in Policy Making, namely in reform strategies of educational curricula.

Mission Statement

In a global context marked by the rise of religious diversity and the complex relation between religion and public life on the one hand, and in a regional Middle-Eastern context marked by violent extremism and conflicts related to religious discourse and communitarian narratives on the other hand, the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity management aims:

  • To contribute to the production of critical and well-grounded reflection and resources for the management of religious diversity in the public sphere.
  • To build capacities of youth, educators, social and religious leaders in peace-building and in promoting intercultural and interreligious understanding and cooperation on local and global levels

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Research Unit

The Research Unit at Adyan Foundation entails projects that delve deeper into theoretical and practical understandings of several key terms and concepts such as: inclusive citizenship, pluralism, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Religious Social Responsibility, Education on Living Together and so on. Its projects use innovative methodologies and techniques, and targets beneficiaries from Lebanon, the MENA region and the world

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Education Unit

The goal of the Education Unit is to ensure inclusive formal and non-formal school programs, conduct research and contribute in curriculum development for active citizenship and cultural and religious diversity.
Throughout its programs, the unit aims to foster social cohesion and a culture of citizenship in society through an intercommunal network of young social change makers. In Lebanon, students, be they Lebanese or refugees, get an increased resilience to sectarian, divisive narratives, and promote instead narratives that foster positive attitudes to diversity, gender equality, freedom of religion and belief, and human rights. They also learn how to deal positively with religious diversity, reconciling between their religious belonging and their openness to others.
The unit strengthens sustainable peace in Lebanon via narratives of solidarity and human dignity promoted by young people in their daily lives and via social media, and increased positive discourse on pluralism and coexistence in Lebanon and globally.

Courses Unit

The Courses’ Unit at Adyan Foundation is responsible for the development of online and offline courses and curricula on topics such as Diversity & Coexistence, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Inclusive Citizenship, Religious Social Responsibility, Communication and Dialogue as well as Minorities and Public Life Values for both internal and external audiences. It brings together experts and professors from the MENA region and the World. The Courses’ unit also provides customized courses for other organisations and companies related to managing cultural and religious diversity in the workplace.

Contact Person

Ana Maria Daou
Head of Research & Courses' Units
Mayssam Imad
Head of Education Unit
Eliza Karam
Senior Officer