Support to Shelter & House Repairs

Adyan’s Networks for Spiritual Solidarity and Inclusive Citizenship continued to volunteer in affected areas to undertake house repairs. From 12 August, member of the Adyan Volunteers Network repaired three houses and one business in the Corniche El Mazraa, Sin El Fil, Burj Hammoud and Mar Mkhayel areas. The work included painting walls, repairing doors and windows and replacing glass and aluminum. This initiative is part of the ongoing Networks project, which is supported by Secours Catholique-Caritas France. Seven other Adyan Volunteers are also helping with Offre Joie House Repairs.

Members of the Forum for Religious Social Responsibility (FRSR) also continued their response initiatives and partnerships to undertake house repairs. The collaboration with the Muslim Scouts and Christian Orthodox Scouts movement, which started on 7 August, is still ongoing. Together, they removed rubble, provided item-moving services for a hospital, closed windows with nylon at Beit Beirut, and repaired glass and walls in two house in Tarik El-Jdideh and Karantina. Since 7 August, they cleaned 187 homes, 30 streets, 47 offices and public administrations, 1 Hospital and 1 school.

Since 25 August, members of the Forum have partnered with Dialogue for Life and Reconciliation, the Maronite Archbishopry of Beirut, and Sustainable Network of Religious Leaders in the North to repair two houses in Sioufi and Karantina. They covered repair costs for both houses and contributed to home appliances and a bedroom for children in the house in Karantina. Furthermore, they provided spiritual support for the afflicted families. The children of the participating religious leaders helped in the repair work as an expression of solidarity with the children of affected families. These initiatives are part of the ongoing FRSR project, which is supported by the UK Embassy in Lebanon.