The Community outreach program consists of lectures, short workshops and testimonials provided, on a volunteer basis, by Adyan’s community members and experts to spread mutual understanding and knowledge about issues related to religious diversity, coexistence, dialogue and spiritual solidarity within the Lebanese Society (youth groups, university students, young professionals as well as for Civil Society Organizations and Faith Based groups or communities) and beyond Lebanon.

Over the past 10 years, Aydan has responded to the requests of hundreds of institutions, civil society organizations and religious communities to organize awareness sessions to their members and networks, making it reach 40,000 beneficiaries in Lebanon and on the international scene.

The main topics addressed through this outreach are:

  • Religious pluralism
  • Shared values among religions
  • Interfaith dialogue and Interreligious relations
  • Diversity, citizenship and coexistence
  • Identity and Stereotypes
  • Religion and politics in Lebanon and in the Middle East
  • Comparative issues between religions


Sessions provided through outreach are free of charge.

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Nagham Tarhini, Adyan’s Community Outreach coordinator