Youth Network


Adyan Youth Network is a space where young Lebanese can explore and experiment the cultural and religious diversity as well as the interfaith solidarity. It also helps in monitoring the situation of coexistence and its challenges among the youth, building their capacities in order to establish a better generation and supporting them in their role of social change agents.

Launched in 2013, the network that includes youth aged between 16 and 21 years old is over 120 members coming from different communities in Lebanon. The activities are varied between training, debate-meetings, study trips, community service actions and an annual capacity building camp.

The network is divided to three levels:

  • Junior Youth: Former Alwan Club or newly engaged with AYN.
  • Youth: after one year of active participation
  • Senior Youth: after two years of active participation

Mission And Vision


The Adyan Youth Network spreads awareness and promotes the spirit of openness and respect of diversity and understanding based on the commitment to the values of citizenship, coexistence and interfaith spiritual solidarity. It achieves this mission through cultural, social and spiritual initiatives as well as media campaigns, in collaboration with the youth committees in municipalities and civil society organizations, as well as with the parents and social leaders.



The Adyan Youth Network seeks to build a wide grassroots base for Adyan, in schools, universities, civil society and in families, that

  • believes in the mission of the Foundation, and
  • witnesses to the values of living together on the basis of citizenship that is inclusive of diversity, and
  • contributes to protecting society from the negative effects of closed sectarian mentalities.

Connect With Us

  • Rim Hazouri -

    Adyan Youth Network differs from any other youth in their diversity and love of life. Besides believing in Adyan’s values, they make sure to practice them each and every day. Our energy is the basis for a better Lebanon, and that is why we strive to use it to serve our society. Adyan has given us this opportunity.

  • Ali Hani -

    Adyan has taught me the true meaning of how to develop not just as a person in my daily routine but as a person on the spiritual and mental level. It is with great honor I say that Adyan truly prepares the leaders of tomorrow.


Nagham Tarhini


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