Adyan Volunteers and Ambassadors Network



The Volunteers’ and Ambassadors’ Network represents the expansion of Adyan in the Lebanese civil society for the dissemination of the foundation’s values and the advocacy for its causes, especially among professional youth through cultural, social and spiritual activities and daily witness for these values.

Launched in 2007, the network gathers members from different communities, constituting the group of Ambassadors, as senior trained and engaged members, and the group of new volunteers who are still in the training process.

The Volunteers’ Network works on three main objectives:

  • To be a space where people can explore and experiment the cultural and religious diversity as well as the interfaith solidarity.
  • To provide a deep understanding about the situation of coexistence and its challenges in the Lebanese society; thus building its members’ capacities and support their initiatives in this field.
  • To be the active presence of Adyan in the Lebanese civil society spreading awareness and supporting the cause of peace and solidarity.

Mission And Vision


Adyan Networks promote a positive understanding of cultural and religious diversity and empower the youth from different communities in their role as leaders in peace building, social cohesion and spiritual solidarity.



Inspiring proactive Lebanese living example in intercultural & inter-religious coexistence.


Connect With Us

  • Ali Hani -

    Being a volunteer at Adyan is quite different than being somewhere else since here we are engaged to learn about each other and understand each other’s faith. I gained many friends from all backgrounds, but at the same time keeping the same distance among all is very well respected. Adyan’s activities have always combined fun with learning in a step forward to make a solid bridge between Christians and Muslims. We celebrate holidays together and share spiritual moments together, eat, feast, and enjoy it all. At the same time, faith is always a top priority for Adyan to remind us that we are alike no matter how many differences we might have, there’s always that circle in which we are all equal. We connect to reach a higher goal, we are now messengers.

  • Rim Hazzouri -

    I still remember the very first time I visited Adyan office and how I felt realizing that I finally found a place where I can be myself with no one judging me or thinking they are better. It was over 3 years ago when I found a safe place that became later my second home…

    Through ADYAN I learned much more about my own beliefs as well about others’ beliefs and how to respect it… And if there is one thing I’m sure about after all these years, it is that being a volunteer in Adyan was never easy, but it is something you will be proud of for the rest of your life…I know I am.[/email_link]


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