Adyan University Clubs for dialogue and citizenship


The University Clubs for Dialogue and Citizenship, launched in 2012, gathers students who meet on a monthly basis and organize campus-based activities and inter-university Clubs activities.

The first club was founded in Beirut Arab Universities in collaboration with the Human Rights Center at the University.
A collaboration was also initiated with Lebanon Dialogue Initiative Club at Notre Dame University. Adyan is now seeking to widen this project to reach out to other universities.

The uniqueness of this project is related to the set of shared activities between its different university’s clubs; thus a growing common space of communication that helps in fostering the sense of national belonging and citizenship responsibility.

Current clubs

Kassem Roumani
Kassem Roumani
Phone Number: +96170795156
Paul Yatim
Paul Yatim
Phone Number: +96176068607

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Why Adyan Club

Adyan University Club for Dialogue and Citizenship aims to be a space where students in the Lebanese Universities build a deep understanding of religious diversity and inclusive citizenship and develop their capacities and competences to act as a positive actors for peace-building, reconciliation and social cohesion.

Nagham Tarhini (Ms.) 


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