Ambassadors’ Network

 Who are Adyan’s Ambassadors?

  1. Identity: The Adyan ambassador belongs to the Adyan Ambassadors Networks, which includes members from various countries, cultures, and religions. The Network is a continuation of the Adyan Foundation in the Lebanese, Arab, and global civil societies. The ambassadors live the Adyan message and values, testify them in their private and public lives, and contribute to spreading and consolidating them.
  2. Responsibilities of the Ambassadors
  • Living the Adyan values: diversity, solidarity, human dignity and related positions.
  • Spreading the Adyan message and values in the local and international societies, and constructively and effectively participating in its activities.
  • Following up on the news about the Foundation, participating in developing its strategy, and supporting its public positions.
  • Participating in elaborating a Network program and achieving its activities and goals.
  • Undertaking individual and collective initiatives that promote citizenship, co-existence, and spiritual solidarity among various individuals and groups in society.
  • Contributing to supporting the activities of the Foundation and all its networks.
  • Representing the Foundation in various local and international activities when necessary.
  • Constructively participating in discussing public affairs issues (political, social, environmental, religious, etc.) with those concerned inside and outside the Foundation.
  • Contributing to presenting the positions of the Foundation within the public opinion through various means, especially social media, promoting freedom of opinion and freedom of expression, respecting differences of opinion, including within the Network itself, and confronting hate speech.


  1. Main Competencies of Ambassadors
  • Unwavering commitment to the values of diversity, solidarity, human dignity, and related positions.
  • Understanding the main concepts of the Foundation and being able to present them in the general context.
  • Listening and positive non-violent communication.
  • Critical thinking and self-review.
  • Team work.
  • Public speaking.
  • Spirit of initiative and leadership skills.
  • Planning, implementation, and evaluation.