The Community Engagement Department aims to engage Adyan community members (networks, forum, friends, and partners) in activities that promote diversity, solidarity, and human dignity. Adyan’s networks are an extension of the organization in Lebanon, the MENA region, and the world. They make up a community for “living together” and hold the values of religious social responsibility. They also foster community resilience and celebrate spiritual solidarity. It comprises three units: The Community Outreach Unit, the Community Resilience Unit, and the Spiritual Solidarity Unit.


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trainers and teachers from 13 countries
participants and volunteers in Adyan Networks
trainees from 13 countries
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Resilience and Social Solidarity

Spiritual Solidarity

Training & Awareness

Part of community outreach, Adyan Foundation provides training and awareness programs and sessions to individuals, groups, other NGOs and companies on various topics such as: Active and Inclusive Citizenship, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Diversity Management, Dialogue, Theology of the Other, religion and public life, stereotypes, sectarianism and religious social responsibility. Adyan’s training and awareness programs and sessions are tailor-made and designed specifically for the need of each target group and can be given in Arabic, English and French. They can be provided based on sessions, half-day, full day or several days depending on the topic and need.

Contact Person

Adriana Bou Diwan
Head of Community Engagement
Ali mahmoud
Networks Coordinator
Jad Moufarrej
Community Engagement Assistant