Adyan’s identity

Adyan is a Civil Society Organization, inclusive of all religions and beliefs, and working on a positive approach towards diversity and on the inter-action between religions and the public sphere.

The members of Adyan’s family gather around a common vision that includes valuing cultural and religious diversity as part of a global civilizational legacy, and believing in the sacredness of human conscience and in the dignity and rights of each human being, as well as in the importance of cross-denominational and supra-identitarian solidarity.


Adyan works on:

  • valuing cultural and religious diversity in its conceptual and practical dimensions,
  • promoting citizenship and peaceful coexistence and diversity management among individuals and communities, on the social, political, educational, informational and spiritual levels,
  • and offering support to the marginalized groups and relief for the afflicted, and working for social and transitional justice, as well as human and ecological development in a holistic and sustainable way.


Adyan envisions a world where diversity between individuals and communities is lived as an enrichment, generating mutual understanding, inclusive citizenship, creative development, sustainable peace and spiritual solidarity.

Adyan Values

Adyan Principles