The Adyan Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary

The Adyan Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, with a celebration held in the outer courtyard of the Bossa Nova Hotel – Sin El Fil. The celebration was attended by members of the Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees, the staff team, members of Adyan networks, the family of the late Sheikh Daniel Abdel-Khaleq, and a group of friends and journalists.

On the occasion, Dr. Nayla Tabbara, President of Adyan Foundation, said, “I confirm that we in Adyan will remain fully prepared for the challenge and for the battle: a battle against extremism, corruption, exclusionary and populist ideologies, injustice, and violation of human rights and dignity; a battle for societal justice, rights, freedoms, diversity, citizenship, accountability, and transparency. Along with individuals of various religions and sects, as well as non-religious individuals, we will continue to raise our heads and voices to uphold these values, in the face of whatever comes to conceal and to try to obliterate them. We believe that the seeds that we sow will continue to sprout and will be victorious.”

Tabbara praised the founding role of the former President of Adyan, Father Fadi Daou, thanking him for his hard work and role, and announcing the name of the Board of Directors meeting room in his name, and handing him an honorary shield on the occasion.

Tabbara announced the awarding of the annual Spiritual Solidarity Award for the year 2021 to the late Sheikh Daniel Abdel-Khaleq. A member of the Board of Directors of Adyan, Father Agapios Kfoury, said in a speech in which he addressed Sheikh Daniel, “Since the beginning of your journey, you have been daring and adopted a righteous attitude, earning you the trust of everyone who met you, their respect for your clarity, and their esteem of your pure intention.”
He continued, “We have known you in Lebanon and abroad, as an honest person willing to engage in dialogues. The Adyan Foundation is proud to consider you a part of it, through your involvement in the Religious Social Responsibility Forum and through your education in education to religions and public affairs in Lebanon.”

Then Dr. Tabbara handed over the award to the late Sheikh’s wife, who delivered a touching speech.

After that, a speech was given by the Executive Director of Adyan, Dr. Elie Al-Hindy, in which he referred to the boldness, professionalism, and dedication of the founders of the Adyan Foundation, who made it an institution in itself, not just an individual initiative that vanishes in the absence of people.

A series of short introductory videos on the Foundation’s activities following the Beirut blast, its projects in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, and the role of its networks were also played.