Adyan’s Statement for Preservation of Freedoms and Peaceful Coexistence

In the face of growing challenges in Lebanon as a result of accumulated political and financial corruption that all the political class is held accountable for, as it is entrusted, in the name of the people, to achieve the “public good” through good governance and truthful policies that promote development and guarantee social justice for all,


And because of the continuous deterioration of conditions that push people closer towards the line of poverty, hunger and unemployment on a daily basis, cause many institutions and factories to falter and close their doors, as well as increase the citizens’ concerns regarding their future and the future of their children, causing the elite among the younger generation to seek refuge outside their country,


And after witnessing speeches yesterday that promoted sectarian divisions and imprisoned their interlocutors in a hateful sectarian circle, noticing several provocations re-opening the wounds of the Civil War, heeding offenses to religious figures, and observing the use of weapons between people which caused a number of injuries among citizens,


Adyan Foundation calls upon everyone to bear his/her own vital responsibility, to adhere to the proper course and principles that will protect Lebanon from utter collapse, war, and civil strife, and to work together to put Lebanon back on the track of healing and recovery, regardless of the cost of the sacrifices made. Therefore, Adyan Foundation addresses its message to:


Lebanese citizens who are striving to change the “sick” political reality and to eradicate corruption from the nation’s core body and institutions, to ask you to adhere to your cross-sectarian and cross-geographical solidarity against poverty, for instance, that strikes everyone without any discrimination, to stay alert of any political or sectarian exploitation of your uprising, and to maintain peacefulness through rejecting all forms of violence and vandalism;


The Army, Security Forces, and the Judiciary to tell you that we value the effort you put and sacrifices you make while performing your duties and to remind you that freedom of expression is scared and protected by the constitution, and that peaceful protest is a right for all citizens. Therefore, we depend on you to reject all forms of oppression that might harm freedoms in any way, and we demand that you deter all aggressors who engage in violence and use weapons through holding them accountable for their actions. Leniency in such matters might have detrimental consequences because as the power of the State decreases, the possibility of a Civil War increases;


Media Institutions, Journalists, Social Media Activists to ask that you always be a tool and platform to stimulate constructive dialogue that moves us away from our tragic reality towards a better future. It is true that covering events is one of your main tasks; however, highlighting and promoting opinions and rational positions that guide discussions in the public opinion on the basis of national values and principles is also at the core of your professional mission. We also ask you to make it your top priority not to transmit false and fake news nor to incite sectarian strife or promote hate speech as any mistake may help ignite a devastating war;


Religious Leaders and Institutions to ask that you endorse the discourse of shared values and religious social responsibility and to openly delegitimize those who exploit religions or sects to offend others’ religious symbols, call for discrimination, and sow seeds of discord among people. We also ask you not to cover for any official involved in corruption and to call upon everyone to uphold Lebanon as the ultimate final home for all its citizens, as a civil state protecting the rights and dignity of all, rather than being followers of rival sects;


Those Belonging to Adyan Foundation: its employees, network and forum members, and project beneficiaries in Lebanon we invite you, during these sensitive circumstances, to adhere to the Foundation’s values of diversity, solidarity, and human dignity. We also ask you to continue to testify, by saying and doing, that the option of living together in peace within the framework of inclusive citizenship is the best option for all, and to consider striving for this, with differing positions and opinions, towards achieving a society that guarantees the dignity of all, is not only a right but also a sacred duty that will help save our country from corruption and sectarian divisions.