Adyan launches the “Religious Social Responsibility” Forum

Adyan Foundation has launched the forum titled “Religious Social Responsibility” in the presence of forum members, the media and interested parties on Saturday the 30th of March 2019 in Biel Center in Furn Al-Chebbak.

The forum was launched in response to the need for such gatherings that encourage positive initiatives in the framework of religious social responsibility, and constitutes a platform of encounter for participants and activists in the various areas of the religious sphere. Its aim is to crystallize endeavors towards social service and to foster coexistence under the banner of inclusive citizenship. The forum also provides an arena for interaction and for exchanging experiences between activists in the field with their different religious affiliations, and offers them the opportunity to expand their networks, to build cross-sectarian relationships and to promote collaborations.

The forum aims to build bridges of collaboration towards consolidating a citizenship inclusive of diversity in the service of mankind through disseminating shared values among different groups, and through developing constructive critical thinking and freedom from prejudice towards others by getting to know them, communicating and cooperating with them. In this way the forum promotes a culture of diversity and respect for difference on the one hand, and a culture of social and spiritual solidarity as well as of national unity on the other.

In the course of the event, 29 forum members presented their initiatives, which included 8 social initiatives, 7 in the field of Radio and Television, 3 in the field of social media, 3 films, a research project and an educational project, followed by the President of Adyan Foundation Father Fadi Daou’s launching of the forum “Religious Social Responsibility”.

The notion of religious social responsibility sheds light on the role of believers – particularly activists among them in the religious sphere – in contributing in various ways to the service of mankind and human dignity, in enhancing social cohesion and the common good and making diversity a source of innovative development and mutual enrichment within their communities under the banner of inclusive citizenship.

This project was implemented with the support of the British Embassy in Beirut.