Adyan Foundation Received the Niwano Peace Prize in Japan

“The strongest heroes are those who stand against the current to counter discrimination and ensure respect and human dignity for all”, said the President of Adyan, Rev. Prof. Fadi Daou after receiving the international 35th Niwano Peace Prize in Tokyo, Japan on May 9th 2018.

Adyan Foundation expressed its pleasure to share the Niwano Peace Prize with each one who works for the mission of fostering coexistence in diverse societies, and in promoting reconciliation and spiritual solidarity. With this prize also, Adyan aims to move Lebanon a firm step further towards its recognition as a World Center for Dialogue between cultures and religions.

This international recognition that includes a certificate, a medal and 20 million yen from the Japanese Niwano Peace Foundation is based on Adyan’s acknowledgment of the importance of education which embraces diversity to realize reconciliation and peace building, and development of various grass-roots programs for youth as well as educators and religious leaders.

The Niwano Peace Foundation believes that Adyan’s work “will clear a way for people of different faiths to construct peaceful societies not only in the Middle East, but throughout the global community”.

Now more than ever Adyan firmly believes as Rev. Prof Daou ended his commemorative address that “Peace is the only victory worth fighting for, and we are glad and proud to work for and win this battle together”.