“Our diversity enriches us » Camp

In the scope of celebrating the International Day of Peace, Adyan Volunteers & Ambassadors Network has organized a two-day tent camp entitled “Our diversity enriches us”, from 23 to 25 September 2016, at Pinea Campus, Haitoura village in Jezzine.

35 Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians youth coming from all over Lebanon were gathered to explore the experience of living together in a diverse community. The camp’s sessions tackled the topic of diversity in our daily life through social media, leadership, relational needs and different opinions. Moreover, the camp was an opportunity for new members to get introduced to Adyan’s mission and values of inclusive citizenship and spiritual solidarity through testimonies shared from old volunteers and ambassadors. All sessions were delivered by Adyan’s ambassadors who were volunteers for at least 2 years and showed consistent and clear belief in Adyan values in their personal lives and disseminated them in the society.

“I would never find a safe zone such as Adyan where I can freely express my thoughts knowing that I won’t be judged or accused”, stated one of the participants.

Adyan Volunteers and Ambassadors Network is funded by Danmission and Secours Catholique-France.