International Conference on Religion and democracy in Europe and the Arab world



The Conference, held in both English and Arabic, joined Political leaders, Religious leaders, representatives of religious parties, researchers and experts in matters related to Democracy, Religion and the public sphere from Europe and the Arab world, in an academic environment. It was aimed at facing the challenges of putting this diverse conceptual framework in dialogue and contributing in redefining concepts of Religion and Democracy and the relation between them based on both research and political experience. It joined 40 speakers and registered attendees from 16 Arab, European and other Countries (Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Tunis, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Italy, UK, Germany, Scotland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and Iran).

24-25 April 2015
Lebanese American University – Byblos- Lebanon
English and Arabic (with simultaneous translation)
Face to Face





Conference Objectives

  • To promote in depth critical reflection amongst Arab and European experts and policy makers on the role and place of religion in the public sphere, and the relation between religion and democracy
  • To foster dialogue and sharing expertise between European and Arab experts on religion, democracy and public sphere
  • To question the emergent regimes of Arab countries in the post-Arab spring era on their role in embracing sustainable democracy and inclusive citizenship
  • To help in promoting a paradigm-shift in the place and role of religion in the public sphere, from an identity-based paradigm to a values-based paradigm