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“Our diversity enriches us” Camp

27 September, 2016 - News

In the scope of celebrating the International Day of Peace, Adyan Volunteers & Ambassadors Network has organized a two-day tent camp entitled “Our diversity enriches us”, from 23 to 25 September 2016, at Pinea Campus, Haitoura village in Jezzine. 35 Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians youth coming from all over Lebanon were gathered to explore the […]


25 April, 2015 - News

Under the patronage of the Minister of Education and Higher Education HE Mr. Elias Abou Saab, Adyan with the support of the UK embassy in Lebanon organized the opening ceremony of the International Conference on “Intercultural Citizenship Education for Peace and Coexistence” on April 24-25, 2015. The conference joined 30 experts and policymakers coming from […]

International Conference on Religions and Political Values

28 November, 2014 - News

The Conference, held in both English and Arabic, joined around 27 scholars, practitioners and religious leaders (21 speakers, 6 panel chairs in addition to registered attendees)  from 16 different countries (Iraq, Syria, Argentina, Turkey, Germany, Bahrain, Canada, Sudan, Italy, Holland, Argentina, Turkey, Jordan, Austria, the United States and Lebanon) to reflect together on Religions and […]

International Conference on Religion and democracy in Europe and the Arab world

30 November, 2012 - News

The Conference, held in both English and Arabic, joined Political leaders, Religious leaders, representatives of religious parties, researchers and experts in matters related to Democracy, Religion and the public sphere from Europe and the Arab world, in an academic environment. It was aimed at facing the challenges of putting this diverse conceptual framework in dialogue […]

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