Open Call for Paid Research Assistants

Interreligious Dialogue Mapping of dialogue in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq

Analysis of key stakeholders, initiatives, good practices and their impact on Interreligious Dialogue

The Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management at Adyan Foundation in Beirut, Lebanon, is seeking to employ four Local Researchers to participate in a project aimed at mapping contemporary interreligious dialogue initiatives in the countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. Research Assistants will be tasked with identifying and interviewing key stakeholders and initiatives in the field of interreligious dialogue for each respective country, following a questionnaire and research methodology established by the lead researcher of the project, Dr. Michael Driessen (John Cabot University, Rome, Italy) in collaboration with Dr. Nayla Tabbara, director of Adyan Foundation’s Institute of Citizen and Diversity Management. Dr Driessen will be responsible for supervising the research project, providing its conceptual framework and authoring and synthesizing the final report.


Deliverables: Local Researchers will be tasked with gathering materials and data on interreligious dialogue in their assigned country and writing a 10 page report mapping and analyzing the interreligious dialogue field of that country.



The project duration is 10 months (from February to November 2019), divided into 3 phases:

In the first phase, of 4 months: (February to May 2019)

  • The lead researcher, following a literature review, prepares the conceptual framework
  • The local researchers research dialogue initiatives in the respective countries
  • A seminar joins the lead researcher and the 4 local researchers, and an expert in evaluation, to harmonize the methodology, research questionnaire and map of initiatives (early May)


In the second phase, of 3 months: (June- August 2019)

  • The 4 local researchers conduct the research in their countries by visiting the organizations/initiatives mapped
  • Following the questions of the questionnaires, they study the reports and documentation provided by the visited organizations and prepare reports


In the third phase, of 3 months: (September -November 2019)

  • The local researchers are gathered a second time with the lead researcher in a seminar to harmonize the methodology of writing the report (September).
  • They hand in following the seminar the final version of the reports per country.
  • The lead researcher then gathers these reports into one report, with charts and infographics.
  • The report is updated and published.


Qualifications: Successful applicants will ideally hold an MA or PhD degree with relevant study in interreligious dialogue and training experience in field research methodology and possess the relevant linguistic capacities. Priority will be given to the applicants who are based in the targeted countries. 

Application: Please send a cover letter, updated CV and list of references by March 12, 2019 to

Only short-listed applicants will be notified by March 20th, 2019