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In order to raise the level of resiliency among Syrian children living in vulnerable environments inside Syria and Lebanon, Adyan, in collaboration with the Resilience Research Unit at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (UCSC), pursued the provision of intensive training workshops to Syrian tutors to save to the children a friendly space.

Based on Adyan Manuals of peace education and psychosocial support and UCSC guidebook on Tutors of Resilience, consecutive training sessions are being offered to Syrian tutors, to wider their knowledge and upscale practical skills while adapting to difficult environment and supporting traumatized children.

On their theoretical and practical levels, specific topics are been provided on psycho-social support, resilience, no strings’ educational techniques and tools (NSI), management of diversity, and emotional support and discharge.

Based on the training, educational and interactive sessions are designed and implemented in the local partners’ centers.

Training, Educational Program
Lebanon and Syria
Syrian animators (20-40)
started November 2014 – ongoing



To develop the capacity of tutors in charge of Children in Syria or in the Refugees’ camps in Lebanon, by enabling them to accurately identify and develop factors of resilience among children, as well as contribute to the release of their suffered trauma.

Expected Outcomes

Details on expected outcomes

  • Designing and developing Resilience Program with the assistance of the Resilience Research Unit at the Catholic University of Sacred Heart of Milano based on their guidebook entitled «Tuteurs de Résilience».
  • Training Workshop for Syrian animators on psychosocial support and resilience.
  • Integrating and implementing the Resilience Program inside the educational institutions and initiatives of Adyan’s local partners.
  • Evaluating of practices and updating adopted methods and resources.


L’Œuvre d’Orient
International Catholic office of Childhood

Samah Halwany, Peace Projects Manager